By now, you are probably leveraging Citrix Smart Tools for automating your design, deployment, and management of Citrix solutions across any on-premise or cloud environment. You are also probably leveraging Citrix Director for monitoring your XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. These are just a few automation tools offered by Citrix, but have you heard of Citrix Octoblu?

Citrix Octoblu is a full-stack Internet of Things (IoT) messaging and automation platform that enables developers (and non-developers) to create Workspace IoT services with secure real-time exchange of data. Octoblu is integrated with all of Citrix’ products and services — making automation of and between these services as simple as “flowgramming“.


In fact, Octoblu’s IoT services are built on our open source Meshblu platform, an open communications and management platform that supports a variety of protocols for physical devices to communicate seamlessly with each other, people, and web services. Using our simple drag-and-drop web-based designer, users can connect, design, process, and analyze the flow of information. All services have been designed to run as a robust security and right management architecture.

To make building these automations even easier with Octoblu, we allow users to share their workflow automations as “bluprints” with colleagues and the community as a whole. Bluprints are basically recipes or workflow templates allowing users to import these template structures into their workflows while automatically attaching their own devices and services to the automation template.

We have bluprints available for migrating Box, Dropbox, Google Drive files and folders to Sharefile.


We have bluprints for launching XenDesktop and XenApp via Citrix Receiver based time/date, as well as events, such as geolocation or beacon proximity or badge presentation.


We have bluprints for integrating Podio with Slack, Twitter, and GitHub.


We have bluprints for integrating Director with Hue lights, PagerDuty, etc.


To date, there are more than 4,500 available bluprints that have been shared by over 13,000 registered Octoblu users, connecting more than one million devices and sending more than 5 billion messages on a monthly basis.

What will you automate? Sign up and start building IoT applications using Citrix Octoblu today!

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