In a recent blog post, we announced the closure of As part of that post, we mentioned we were reviewing options to make this technology available to the developer community.

Below we are outlining the resources for all Octoblu developers:

80% of the Octoblu IoT platform — including: Meshblu M2M messaging platform, IoT device directory, connectors, data forwarders, and the Tentacle microcontroller OS — is open sourced under the MIT license.

We are open sourcing the remaining 20% of the Octoblu platform under the MIT license as well.

The newly open source components include the entire Octoblu web application, consisting of our famous drag-and-drop automation flow designer, as well as our “nanocyte” automation flow engine.

  • All of the Octoblu source code can be found on GitHub at
  • The new open source project site is located at This site contains a “getting started” link that will take you installation instructions and scripts to deploy your own instance of Octoblu on-premise or cloud provider such as AWS or Azure.
  • Our developer site with architecture information, API documentation, and connector examples will continue to reside at
  • You can also find a good help page on using the Octoblu designer at

The Octoblu architectural diagram below will help further — the green is the existing open source; blue is the new open source.