At Synergy 2017, we interviewed our top partners to understand their perspective on the Citrix Ready partnership and eventual benefits they offer to our joint customers. Take a look at these interviews to see how the combined power of Citrix and partner technologies helps add a tremendous amount of value to IT infrastructure.

eG Innovations
Bala Vaidhinathan from eG Innovations narrates his experience partnering with Citrix and how this translates into customers getting the best of both worlds. eG Innovations’ performance management solution encompasses all components and offers full-stack monitoring. Bala goes on to narrate how Citrix Ready partnership provides them access to pre-release Citrix systems so they can sync their product roadmaps in line with Citrix.

Sebastian Prat from FlexxibleIT talks about how they provide virtual workspaces to customers after removing the many complexities. Their solution is compatible with XenApp and XenDesktop and currently being tested for compatibility with Citrix XenServer and NetScaler. Talking about the partnership with Citrix, Sebastian firmly believes that it has given them global visibility and provides an added level of trust among customers.

Christopher Fries from HP talks about their Thin Client Convergent Suite and the three pillars of Security, Manageability and Like Local experience that sets them apart from competitors. On the Citrix Ready partnership, HP has been focusing big on the healthcare industry where there are a number of joint customers that benefit from the combined use of Citrix-HP technologies.

Simon Clephan from IGEL narrates their core focus on Thin Clients as well as software for management of Thin Clients. IGEL’s partnership with Citrix is especially effective as they work to ensure that the endpoints are equipped to deliver the Citrix infrastructure and hence provide a high-performing solution to the end customer. In addition, Citrix Ready has been able to pull complementary technology companies to perfectly piece together the puzzle—Nutanix, IGEL, and Citrix being a case in example.

Jon Wallace from Ivanti narrates the story of their transition from AppSense to Ivanti. Jon goes on to explain how their products help optimize performance, manage the user environment and provide security. In addition, there are several new features that eventually all come together to provide an optimized user experience for our joint customers. And, early access to Citrix roadmaps helps Ivanti bend their own plans to better align the product or feature releases. To learn more about Ivanti, visit

Pure Storage-Citrix joint customer HUB International
Amer Ahmed from HUB International, a joint Citrix-Pure Storage customer, explains his experience of VDI together with Pure Storage’s solutions and how this combination enhanced the user experience for employees. As a consortium of insurance brokerages, they handle about 30-40 M&As a year that involve consolidating applications, desktops, phone systems etc. and the combination of Citrix and Pure Storage technology have given them the much needed flexibility as well as a consistent user experience.
David Fung from talks about their printing solutions and how they complement UPD systems with Uniprint’s unique Secure Print, Mobile Print and Serverless Print solutions. Also, Citrix Ready, in addition, to providing a sense of confidence among UniPrint customers helps in digital marketing initiatives with joint webinars, collaterals, podcasts, and so on.

I hope these videos provided you with some useful insights. For more information about the products discussed or for a wide variety of other Citrix-compatible solutions, you can visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace.