Citrix Partners of all stripes are on the front lines delivering essential services to Citrix customers. Partners bring deep Citrix product and implementation knowledge to the table. A great way for Citrix Partners to augment those skills is by using Citrix Smart Tools.

Introduced earlier this year at our annual business development conference for partners — Citrix Summit — Citrix continues to innovate and improve the capabilities of Smart Tools. Delivered as a Citrix Cloud service offering, this means we can more rapidly make incremental improvements to the product and deliver those enhancements to you without interruption. We’re on our fourth update so far and we’re only halfway through the year.

If you’re not familiar with Citrix Smart Tools, it provides easy-to-consume components that help simplify the day-to-day administration of Citrix sites. Smart Tools can be used with Citrix sites deployed on-premises or on public clouds like Microsoft Azure or AWS. On public clouds, among other things Smart Scale help manage underlying infrastructure to optimize costs. On all Citrix sites, Smart Tools — and specifically the very popular Smart Check component — can be used to monitor the health of deployed systems and ensure they remain current on the latest updates and fixes. We’ve spent a lot of effort making Smart Tools intuitive to use, so it’s easy to get started (see this post for more: Simple by Design). All of our partners are encouraged to login to Citrix Cloud and begin taking advantage of Smart Tools. Create a no-fee Citrix Cloud account and log in directly to Smart Tools.

Current CSP partners are entitled to use all of the components of Smart Tools with their customers. In fact, using Smart Tools —specifically Smart Check — is now a programmatic requirement for partners that are not yet certified. Other partners are encouraged to use the proof-of-concept blueprints to quickly spin-up a trial of XenApp or XenDesktop for their prospects and help existing customers take advantage of their Smart Tools entitlemnet. Customers are eligible to use Smart Tools if they are current with the new Citrix Customer Success Services – Select support offering.

To get up-to-speed on Smart Tools, Citrix currently offers three enablement courses to our partners. Go to the Citrix Enablement site where you’ll find these self-service courses:

  • Citrix Smart Tools Product Release Training (GTS-CC-02)
  • Smart Tools for Citrix Service Providers (TG100-PE214)
  • Citrix Smart Tools Foundational Training (GTS-OTH-14)

Check out the video below, which was filmed at Citrix Synergy 2017 event and gives a good introduction to Smart Tools:

Other materials are available on SalesIQ; just type “Smart Tools” in the search box.

If you haven’t already, complement your Citrix efforts with Smart Tools and you’ll be delivering even better customer experiences.