What do The Beatles, Adele and Microsoft all have in common? If you said “charming English accents,” well, you’d be wrong. Bloody wrong, mate. The answer is they’ve all gone platinum at one time or another. But unlike our British musician friends, Microsoft is going Platinum at Citrix Synergy!

That’s right! At Citrix Synergy 2017 (kicking off in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, May 23), Microsoft is leading a veritable tour de force of Platinum sponsors on the expo floor. But don’t expect a simple booth presence for one of the industry’s greatest partnerships. No, no, no. Let’s take a quick look at some of the exciting activities that are planned from both Citrix and Microsoft to put even more weight behind this championship relationship.

Microsoft at Synergy at a glance:

  • Microsoft and Citrix-focused hands on labs (HOL)
  • A bona fide “who’s who” in Microsoft executive leadership traveling from Redmond to Orlando
  • 13 — yes, lucky 13 — sessions covering all Microsoft-Citrix joint solutions
  • Special appearances in both the Vision and Technology keynotes

Of course, I cannot tell you everything we have planned to showcase the strength of the relationship in a blog post. And I certainly neither confirm nor deny any announcements we may or may not make before my boss’ boss’ boss takes the keynote stage. And I certainly cannot disclose any NDA information. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… get your MAC address to Synergy to take it all in for yourself.

And if you’re lucky — and at the right spot, at the right time — you could find yourself being cast as an extra in one of the several tapings of Brad Anderson’s “Lunch Break” web-series!