NetScaler 12.0 is here! As part of this new major release, we have fully revamped the user interface with a new wizard for Global Server Load Balancing for adding worldwide resiliency and availability to your apps and desktops. This update will ease the deployment of GSLB offering the following three options:

GSLB Active-Active Topology


GSLB Active-Passive Topology


GSLB Parent-Child Topology

The new wizard was designed from the group up based on multiple layers of feedback to ensure the easiest and most complete way to complete your GSLB Configuration.

GSLB 12.0 Wizard

A new Dashboard is available, which with the new wizard and the GSLB Test feature added in NetScaler 11.1 offer a more complete way to configure, synchronise and test your GSLB without leaving the user interface.

GSLB 12.0 Dashboard

We hope you try it out and are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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