You asked for it, we delivered! Reference architecture refresh for CSPs is live!

At Citrix Summit, Jona Apelbaum, Global SE Manager, made a commitment to partners to deliver a refreshed reference architecture by early Q2. This challenge was accepted by team heavy hitters including Selma Wei, Phillip Schubert, and Raphael Buhner, who knocked it out of the park! The updates are complete and available for download on SalesIQ. We’ve created two different document types to better serve your needs.

  • The first is the traditional format, updated with current information.
  • The second is an interactive PDF for easy navigation and a user-friendly experience.

On the roadmap, we are working to include the latest and greatest from Citrix and also making sure we are aligning with the industry on Cloud (including hybrid models).  We will also be creating a dynamic version of the architecture, built out with reference documents and supporting resources accessible at the click of a button. Stay tuned for more!

Many of you are wondering what’s different and great about this refreshed architecture. Let’s take a sneak peek:

The document:


The Architecture:


  • The architecture makes application and desktop services available to users of any Citrix Receiverenabled endpoint device over secured Internet connections using Citrix NetScaler®. The administrative simplicity provided through the integrated Citrix software components allows subscriber volumes at very large scale to be managed with a relatively modest number of CSP administrators and tenant management personnel as compared to other models.
  • In the era of public and private clouds, this reference architecture will no longer focus on a specific hypervisor nor specific hardware. This enables service providers to select the infrastructure platform of their choice, regardless of IaaS or managing systems in a different way. As described above we will be adding cloud components to the architecture in a next iteration.
  • Furthermore, App Orchestration is replaced with the new Hosted-Apps-and-Desktops service in CloudPortal Services Manager. This includes the advantage of leveraging the most recent XenApp/XenDesktop release and avoids the overhead of an additional layer in the Desktop-as-a-Service environment.

Access the new Reference Architecture for Citrix Service Providers on SalesIQ and be sure to reach out to with any questions and to provide feedback on how we can better support you!

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Technical Track for a deeper dive into reference architecture updates
Tuesday, April 18th 11:00AM-12:00PM (Eastern) AMS/EMEA
Wednesday, April 19th 2:00PM-3:00PM (AEDT) APJ

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