Back when my mom was a little girl, there wasn’t a lot of encouragement for girls to go to college at all, let alone go into science, technology, engineering, or math. It’s a sad truth that not so long ago, if girls were encouraged to go to college, they were told that it’d be a great place to find a husband or to do something acceptable, like becoming a teacher or a secretary … which a girl could do until, of course, they found the aforementioned husband.

Happily, much has changed and women, today, are CEOs and executives, they are engineers, doctors, scientists, developers, technologists, and more. Today, women are strong, articulate voices in these fields and are helping to shape the future not just of technology, but of the world.

Here at Citrix, we have an abundance of brilliant, creative, charismatic women who are thinking about tech in groundbreaking new ways, helping lead the charge not just for our company, but for all women. Because of voices like these, there will soon be a day — not too far in the future — where the idea of a girl being an engineer or a developer or an IT specialist or anything else won’t raise any eyebrows at all. And that’s how it should be.

All month long on the Citrix Blogs, we’re featuring the work of some of the smart women here at Citrix. Join us — each day — as we share their hard work and their inspiring stories.

We’ll introduce you to people like Lynda Raley, Senior Product Marketing Manager with our Workspace Services team. She’s a XenApp & XenDesktop whiz and a go-to resource for Citrix partnership with Microsoft, especially the marriage of XenApp & Azure in the cloud.

There’s Donna Johnson, the Director of NetScaler SD-WAN Product Marketing, who’s one of Citrix greatest authorities on networking, and how NetScaler SD-WAN can help solve problems with latency, poor quality connections or lack of bandwidth for organizations that employ virtualized environments.

Stacy St. Louis, one of our Senior Public Relations managers, tells the stories of our customers’ successes and works with our executives to to make predictions for what’s to come in the world of tech.

Sima Taslimi, Communications Manager for Citrix Channel Team, works with Citrix partners, helps them be the best of the best, and is the embodiment of #CitrixPartnerLove.

Perrine Crampton coordinates Citrix CTP program and designs its curricula for each year. She is the CTPs’ voice within the company and is a tireless advocate for them and for IT administrators throughout the industry.

And there’s Donna Kimmel, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, who is the voice of Citrix’ people. A champion of diversity and inclusion, she stands up and speaks out for all Citrix employees, be they women or men, no matter the color of their skin, what country they’re from, or how they identify.

Women have come a long way since my mom was a girl. We have come far, but we still have far to go. I’m proud to work for a company that has so many strong women working in highly visible roles who are helping to pave the way not just for other women at Citrix, but for women everywhere. Together, we will #beboldforchange and knock down barriers, so the young girls of today can have a better tomorrow.

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