We just recently laid out our predictions for IoT for 2017, in which we made the case that IoT is reaching critical mass and adding real business value. On that note, what does this mean for Citrix? How is IoT adding value to Citrix and our customers?

Citrix Workspace IoT

This is something that we have been talking about in greater detail in recent months. Late last year, we started to lay out our vision for Workspace IoT, where the interaction of devices, things, users, applications, workflows, data, and location all work together to add value to the Enterprise. We even illustrated how combining Workspace IoT with the Citrix HDX Ready Pi yields the Workspace IoT Hub, which can serve as a focal point for delivering information to users as well as capturing context in and around users and spaces. So as you can see, the vision for Citrix and IoT is starting to come into focus.

We had a chance to share that focus with our partners recently at Citrix Summit, where we had numerous IoT influenced demos on display showcasing how we are using Workspace IoT to orchestrate how users can more easily interact with, and leverage information within an Enterprise space.

Citrix Workspace IoT at Citrix Summit 2017


At Summit, we allowed everyone a first look at how Workspace IoT could impact meeting room and collaborative spaces. This demo showcased how with just a push of a button, users can join scheduled meetings or create instant meetings without having to worry about connecting to screens, audio, devices, etc. It allows organizations to turn any space with a screen into a collaboration space, facilitating easy collaboration across multiple offices and with remote employees. We are looking for customers interested in testing this automated meeting room as part of our early access program, if you are interested you can sign up here.

Workspace IoT and Healthcare

IMG_3018Also at Summit this year, we showcased a series of demos that showed how Workspace IoT can add value to Healthcare. These demos illustrated some areas that Citrix is exploring and learning how IoT can provide healthcare clinicians with fast and seamless access to information, data and applications within a patient space. The goal is to see how we can help make digital transformation in healthcare more about patient care, and less about interacting with technology in a complex environment. The demos covered how you can more easily keep track of mobile assets/devices, and more easily transfer information between screens leveraging the Healthcare Digital Hub, making it even easier to be constantly on the go and have the information you need follow you around. This is an area we are actively researching, and if you are interested in learning more or talking to a Citrix researcher, you can learn more here.

Summary: Citrix Workspace IoT in 2017

What you are starting to see is that the Internet of Things is starting to add real value to Citrix and our customers, in how we are crafting the Workspace IoT message, and how we are starting to fold IoT into our technology strategy. Expect to see a lot more from Citrix in this area in 2017. In fact, I expect we will have a lot more to show and say at the 2017 Citrix Synergy event. If you are planning on attending Citrix Synergy, please plan on paying the IoT team a visit. We are not hard to find, generally we are the guys all name Chris. We will have more to say about our presence at Synergy in the upcoming months, so definitely stay tuned.