It’s been about two months since we debuted XenMobile MDX Service to Citrix Cloud Labs. I hope some of you have already tried it out. If so, a big THANK YOU from the team! The team has been busy making improvements and bug fixes during this time. If you have used MDX Service before and haven’t used it recently, please come back and take a peek.

If you haven’t heard of the service yet, here’s a quick summary of the service.

MDX Service is a cloud version of XenMobile MDX Toolkit. If you’re a customer of XenMobile, it’s that tool that you install on MacOS to wrap enterprise and in-house developed apps. With the MDX Service, you can wrap iOS and Android apps from OS like Windows, MacOS, and Linux. No initial setup necessary, no need to install Android SDKs, no more trials and errors of setting up the correct paths, no more importing of code signing certificates to Mac Keychain. Just bring us your app and signing certificates and we’ll do the heavy lifting in the cloud.

Oh! And did I tell you that this lab service is free? All you need is a valid email address to create a Citrix Cloud account. Once the account is created, login, and head to the site to get started.

If there are any suggestions, improvement ideas, feature requests, etc. please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,
The MDX Service Team

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