Webinars don’t have to be 60 Minutes long.

I’ve done countless webinars over the past decade or so and they all follow the same basic format. A speaker (me) broadcasts information to an audience while clicking through a PowerPoint slide deck for 45 minutes. This usually goes overtime and into 50 minutes or more. Then, said speaker, is ushered through some audience Q&A until the top of the hour. Speaker thanks the audience and promises to follow up with unanswered questions through e-mail.

Meanwhile, for that hour, the attendees are hearing the voice of God through their headphones, checking Facebook, Twitter, and the Bing news feed while occasionally shooting a glance back to the PPT being spoken about.

Stop the Insanity!

That’s why I am so jazzed about a new format of “Webinar” that we have rolled out at Citrix. TechTalks To Go (#CitrixTech) is a condensed, conversational style, information-sharing YouTube series. Instead of a single speaker droning on and on, I will have valued subject matter experts and industry leaders as my guests on each episode. And instead of broadcasting information, we will hold bi-directional conversations.

Register now! If you subscribe to the YouTube Channel you’ll automatically be notified when a new video is posted.

Time is of the essence

Oh, and did I mention that we will dive deep into the technical steak with rapid fire? Since each episode is only about 10 minutes long we will get to the meat and leave the parsley for someone else.

Now you see me…

And lastly, breaking almost all webinar conventions, there will be no more voice of God syndrome. We are lighting up the web cameras so you can see each person, as they speak, on each episode.

Please welcome my first guest

As if all of the above wasn’t good enough! I am over-thrilled to announce Dan Feller as my first-ever guest on TechTalks To Go. In this episode Dan will be discussing the new “worker groups” and what changes we brought in XenApp that will help you manage your environment.

Buckle your seatbelts. TechTalks To Go promises to be a thrilling ride and make sure to subscribe so you get every new episode as soon as we “broadcast”.

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