At the core of Citrix corporate culture is a simple, yet powerful idea: that excellence knows no nationality, race, ethnicity or religion. I touched on this in my first blog post, but given recent events, I think it’s important for me to elaborate on the topic and how it makes our workforce stronger and each of us a little better.

You see, the Citrix HR team is united around a common purpose: create, foster, and develop a phenomenal Citrix team that enables the extraordinary. That is because we’re nothing without our people. And our talented people, people who help make our company a success, people who are constantly innovating, come from everywhere. Recruiting and engaging the best and brightest individuals from around the world, so they are able realize their own potential and make meaningful contributions to our business is a priority for us and the not-so-secret reason for our success.

Members of the Citrix community have arrived at our doors via varied paths; we realize no two are the same, that each path has its own origin and that those who tread those paths collect valuable stories and experiences along the way. One thing is for certain, when they arrive at Citrix, they are all welcomed with open arms.

It’s that connection and respect for each other that makes it possible for us to pool our contributions in alignment with a shared mission. The numerous perspectives and talents our employees bring to the table make it possible for us to deepen our understanding of the people we serve, discover new solutions to the challenges they face, and extend innovation across cultures and borders. This is the vision that inspires us. The diversity of our community is a key strength for our business, and the unity we achieve together is a model for our industry and our world.

The relationship between Citrix and our employees is built on a solid foundation of trust. We will always support who share our values of Integrity, Respect, Curiosity, Courage, and Unity. Our people can count on Citrix to have their backs for no reason other than that’s the right thing.

We know there’s a lot of uncertainty right now around current immigration policies that is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of many. That’s why we’ve committed to supporting employees and loved ones who may be impacted by providing free legal advice. We’ve also modified our business travel policy, so that no one will be required to travel if they fear they may be affected by immigration changes. After all, we build the world’s best-integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data ⎯ anytime, anywhere.

The motto of the United States is e pluribus unum—out of many, one. Citrix gets that and will always celebrate both the diversity and the unity reflected in those words. When good people of any and all backgrounds come together, there’s no limit to human potential.

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