What’s the big deal about this 200Gbps in the current NetScaler MPX/SDX 25000 appliance in a 2U platform?

Let’s go through the Top Ten reasons why this new 200Gbps system throughput model is important:

  1. With the enhanced system throughput bandwidth, more workloads can run as needed.
  2. Requires less rack space and is more green as the new system helps saves electricity as less appliances are required to be deployed taking up less space. So this is a big difference with 2U platform vs a chassis that is usually more than 2U and requires extra blades with more power consumption needs.
  3. Delivers more bandwidth for each virtual instance with NetScaler SDX 25200 model which can support up to 115 virtual instances.
  4. The software-first approach of NetScaler provides a competitive advantage – it improves SSL ECDHE performance through enhancements in software, allows our customers to extend the shelf life of existing NetScaler hardware appliances and provides optimized performance for new appliances.
  5. Offers higher PayGrow capability for NetScaler MPX/SDX 25000 series. PayGrow enables the customer to upgrade the systems they need based on demand. For example, a customer can start with a NetScaler at 100Gbps, move to 160Gbps and then upgrade to 200Gbps system throughput when their needs require increased bandwidth.
  6. Provides higher ECDHE-RSA numbers with Hybrid SSL Optimization with more CPU processing with this 25200 model.
  7. Increases the number of packet engines available which delivers more processing power available for CPU intensive workloads/applications with more users.
  8. Supports more applications in one box which allows more bandwidth and scale as a customer grows its business.
  9. Improves accessibility as more users can access applications whether remote or on premise
  10. Last but not least, this appliance is adaptable to any customer environments whether it is a big Enterprise or Telco.