This post is intended to provide detailed configuration steps to enable FireBase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in XenMobile 10.

In previous versions of XenMobile, we configured the scheduling policy for Andorid devices based on  how and when the user devices needed to connect to XenMobile. In the latest version XenMobile 10 you can use FCM to control this. Any security action or deploy command will trigger a push notification to WorxHome to ask for a re-connection to the XenMobile server.


  • XenMobile 10 Server
  • Latest WorxHome client
  • Google developer account credentials.

Firewall Ports:

Source Direction Destination Port
XenMobile Outbound 443
XenMobile Outbound 443



Configuration Steps.

  • Login to the following URL using your google credentials:

  • Create New Project


  • Provide a name for the project, select the Country/Region and click Create Project.


  • Select the gear icon next to your project name at top left, and select Project Settings.


  • Select the Cloud Messaging tab. You can find your sender ID and Server Key in this page. Copy these values as you need to provide these Values in XenMobile Server.


  • Login to XenMobile admin console and select Server properties from settings.


  • In the search option type in GCM and hit search.


  • Select GCM API key and click on edit to enter the value.


  • In the value field enter the GCM API Key which we generated in above steps and click save.


  • Select GCM Sender ID and click Edit.


  • In the value field enter the Sender ID value which was generated above steps and click save.


Now You are done with  the configuration settings on both Google side as well as XenMobile server side.

How to Validate this feature

  • Enroll an Android Device.
  • Leave the device idle for some time and let the device disconnect from XenMobile Server.
  • Login to XenMobile admin console > Click on Manage Tab > Select the device and Click on Secure.


  • Perform a Selective Wipe action.


  • Selective Wipe should happen on the device without reconnecting to XenMobile.