Mobility is a big initiative for many firms. How do organizations go beyond virtualizing applications and think strategically about how to provide all of the apps and data that workers demand? How can a business securely meet mobility demands of workers without patching together diverse technologies and negotiating with multiple vendors?

Citrix addresses this need by securely delivering business apps and data to employees from a single solution.

This mobile workspace solution, Citrix Workspace Suite, integrates virtualization, mobility, file sharing and networking technologies to deliver all of the content employees need, on any device, anywhere.

Here are the top six questions asked about mobile workspaces and Citrix Workspace Suite.

What is a mobile workspace?

Enabling IT to securely deliver apps–Windows, web, Linux, SaaS or mobile–data and services from any device, over any network, a mobile workspace empowers people with new ways to work better. Learn more about mobile workspaces

What is Citrix Workspace Suite?

Citrix Workspace Suite is the industry’s most complete mobile workspace solution. It provides secure delivery and management of apps and data on any device over any network, with an experience workers will love. Learn more about how to securely deliver apps and data for secure mobile workspaces.

Citrix Workspace Suite - Your Secure Mobile Workspace

What Citrix technologies are included with Citrix Workspace Suite?

 Citrix Workspace Suite was created to deliver apps (Windows, Linux, web, SaaS and mobile) as well as data to workers on any device. To do this, it integrated the following core Citrix technologies:

  • XenDesktop: High performance virtual desktops *
    – AppDNA to discover, automate, model and manage applications
  • XenApp: Windows app security and delivery
  • XenMobile: Mobile app & device security*
    – Worx mobile productivity apps for mail, web, and more
  • ShareFile: Secure data sync and share
  • NetScaler Gateway: Secure mobile gateway user licenses
  • CloudBridge: Accelerate, control and optimizes virtual apps and desktops

Citrix Workspace Suite architecture

*Specifically, Citrix Workspace Suite is made up of XenDesktop Platinum and XenMobile Enterprise

How does Citrix Workspace Suite compare to what other vendors offer?

 Citrix is the only vendor that provides the breadth of capabilities that are needed to deliver a comprehensive, secure and personalized mobile workspace. Citrix Workspace Suite uniquely includes app and desktop virtualization, secure mobile app and device management, enterprise file sync and share and cloud networking in a single solution.

Citrix Workspace Suite is the market-leading mobile workspace solution on the market with:

  • a single point of access for workers, available on any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • access to business apps including Windows, Web, Linux or mobile, line of business, commercial or homegrown
  • integration of apps for seamless access to data, one-click access to meetings, secure intranet access, on-demand sync to reduce storage costs and more.
  • secure remote access, a key element for secure workspace delivery on any network

See see why Citrix offers the most complete mobile workspace solution.

Also check out how Citrix Workspace Suite compares to a few mobility products – VMware Workspace Suite, MobileIron, Good Technology and BlackBerry.

Plus, a special limited time promotion lets enterprises trade-in specific competitive licenses for 50% savings off Citrix Workspace Suite licenses.

What is the Citrix Workspace Suite trade-up program?

 A program for existing Citrix customers helps save up to 60 percent on Citrix Workspace Suite. Customers of Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile Enterprise can trade-up to Citrix Workspace Suite as a cost-effective, low risk path to gain a mobile workspace solution while leveraging current investments in Citrix technology. Customers can keep the great functionality they know with their current Citrix products, while adding new, powerful capabilities and 24x7x365 Technical Support.

Explore several options to trade-up to Citrix Workspace Suite.

How do I buy Citrix Workspace Suite?

Citrix knows each organization is different in how they buy software, so Citrix Workspace Suite is available in three convenient purchase options:

  • Traditional perpetual or subscription licenses that can be deployed in the datacenter or cloud of the customer’s choice. This is the option chosen by most enterprise and mid-market customers and it provides these organizations with full management control.
  • As a service of Citrix Workspace Cloud, for environments that want the flexibility to centralize and simplify the design and deployment of workspaces. The easier to use cloud-based management services can be deployed by an enterprise or their partner. Choose subscription-based licenses and a choice of cloud, on-premises or a hybrid model of deployment options.
  • Per user, per month available through Citrix Service Provider Hosted service providers can deliver a fully-hosted mobile workspace solution to SMB customers who want to alleviate the day-to-day IT responsibility, yet provide secure app and desktop delivery to workers.

Learn more about how to buy Citrix Workspace Suite.

Citrix Workspace Suite: Deliver apps and data for secure mobile workspaces

Have additional questions about Citrix Workspace Suite? Leave your feedback in the comments, contact a Citrix partner or your Citrix account team. Enable your global and mobile workforce with a single solution for IT to manage.