If you have come this far in this blog series, you’ll know that we are giving you a peek through the keyhole into the Citrix eLearning course developed to train you on delivering a custom StoreFront 3.0 experience to your users.

If you’ve landed here directly, I suggest you begin from the first video of this series; things will make more sense.

In the previous video, you saw how to propagate changes from the one StoreFront server to the rest of the StoreFront servers in the same server group.

Blog 3 - Featured Image

In this video, we will show you the way to make the most common customizations to the StoreFront UI, which users would have seen in their Web Interface UI as well. We have added an extra entry in the Actions menu, of the StoreFront Console – Receiver for Web page, to allow you to make these common customizations. In the video, you will see how to modify the logo displayed on the login page as well as the header logo on all pages of StoreFront. Additionally you will see how to modify the color to header and links throughout the UI.

In the final video of this series, we will see how to implement Featured Application groups, the new way to advertise a group of applications to your users, allowing them the flexibility to subscribe to a set of related apps at once.