These step-by-step directions will help you initiate the download of Citrix product Licenses

The simple steps listed below can be used by those with Citrix Ready Partner Account Credentials to obtain Demo NFR Licenses.
Please note: Downloaded Demo Licenses are valid for 12 months.


1. Launch website and login using your CITRIX PARTNER account credentials. ( If you are not a Citrix Ready partner, please follow this video for downloading the licenses using your Citrix Customer Account )

2. In My Account page, click on Go To Partner Central

3. From the Licensing and Renewals drop-down > Select Partner Use Licenses

4. Under Partner Demo Licenses, choose the product and language as shown below.  Click on Retrieve New Serial Numbers. You can choose any product here and  its corresponding serial number will be generated. For E.g. I have selected Citrix XenDesktop


5 .It now has generated the serial number, please copy that serial number ( this will be later used at step 8 )

6. Now click on Licensing and Retrievals > Choose All licensing tools

7. Choose Allocate

8.  Click on Don’t see your product

9.  Paste the serial number that was copied earlier and click on continue

10. Click on Continue on HOST NAME WARNING message

11. Enter the case sensitive host name in the HOST ID field, choose the Quantity of licenses you need and click on Continue

Click on CONFIRM on the next window.

Click on DOWNLOAD to finish the download of license file.

Once you’ve Completed your Download

Follow this instructional video (from 2:10 min)  on how to upload the license file on the license server.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at