The HDX Monitor tool is used to validate the operation and configuration of key features of XenDesktop’s and XenApp’s HDX stack including the latest HDX virtualization technologies like MediaStream for Flash and HDX RealTime features.

You can download the HDX Monitor 3.2 from here. You can use HDX monitor to connect to the Delivery Agent Remotely.

In order to connect to Delivery Agent remotely,

  • You need enable Windows Remote Management on the target device (DA)
  • The computer you are using should be in the same domain as that of the Target Machine (Delivery Agent)
  • The Target Machine (DA) firewall must all the Remote Event Log management feature for the Domain

In order to enable Windows Remote Management, please do the following

Open Command prompt and Type C:\Windows\System32>winrm quickconfig

Select Yes for the prompts to continue

Open HDX Monitor and enter the Hostname or FQDN of the target device (DA)