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Citrix Ready

Verify the Citrix compatibility of your product or solution

What is the Citrix Ready Program?

The Citrix Ready Program showcases verified products that are trusted to enhance Citrix cloud solutions for mobility, virtualization, networking and cloud platforms. The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third-party partners that have successfully met test criteria set by Citrix, and gives customers added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering. Software vendors, hardware vendors and other technology firms can benefit from the program and the visibility it provides.

Through the program, your company, products and solutions can gain exposure to over 260,000 Citrix customers and 100,000 Citrix resellers. The Citrix Ready designation enables your organization to generate new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and increase mindshare by leveraging the Citrix brand.

Why should you join this program?

By verifying the compatibility of your product, solution or service, you give your customers confidence that your technology will complement their Citrix investment effectively. To help you promote the value you can provide, Citrix Ready offers an innovative collection of sales, technology and marketing programs designed to showcase and recommend your Citrix-compatible products and solutions.

Watch an overview of the Citrix Ready Program

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View all the benefits of joining the Citrix Ready Program

Through the program you will receive extensive benefits to help you better serve your customers, strengthen your skills and build your business. The program offers membership at three levels: Access, Plus and Premier.

Review the tables below for side-by-side comparisons of membership benefits for all Citrix Ready Access, Plus and Premier members.

Technical Benefits Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Access to Citrix Developer Network
Technical Support and Maintenance*
Access to Citrix verification test kits  
Access to Citrix Ready Virtual Lab
Redistribution of Citrix Receiver
Access to development tools, documentation, APIs and SDKs
Early access to binaries, tech preview products and associated development forums
Technical Training and Product roadmap webinars
* Technical Support Incidence Package for Citrix Ready Partners will include technical assistance on Citrix products as part of the Citrix Ready verification testing requirements. This does not include development/ enhancement related technical assistance and may not be used to support end-user customers. Click here to order.
Demo Licenses (Technical Benefits) Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix XenDesktop (with XenApp)* 100 200 600
Citrix VDI-in-a-Box 25 50 75
Citrix XenServer 5 10 20
Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5 10 20
Citrix NetScaler VPX 5 10 20
Citrix Access Gateway Universal 100 200 400
Citrix Essentials for Microsoft Hyper-V 5 10 20
* Citrix XenApp is no longer offered as separate Demo license. XenApp is now part of XenDesktop product.
Sales Benefits Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready Marketplace lead system
Citrix Ready Lead Generation Webinar  
Marketing Benefits Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Profile pages on Marketplace
24/7 Admin Access to Marketplace
Partner Central Portal Access
Citrix Corporate logo usage
Postings to Citrix Ready Verified Community site
Citrix Ready logo usage
Citrix Ready product branding
Press release
Citrix Ready Newsletter
Social Media marketing
Access to Citrix TV channel partner training and sales videos
Citrix Events
Citrix Ready Program Update webinar
Joint marketing templates  
Citrix Ready custom branded logo usage  
Press release with Citrix Executive quote   Quote from Citrix Director Quote from Citrix VP
Custom campaigns on Citrix Ready Marketplace Home Page Product  
Product demo video- NEW!  
Marketing video- NEW!    
Access to Citrix Key Play materials    
* Available to partners at an additional cost. Please contact for more details and pricing specifications.
Citrix Ready Membership Fee Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Citrix Ready
Cost per year (USD) No cost 5000 7500
NOTE: Partner Use License allotments in MyCitrix have been discontinued as of March 2011. You can download Partner Demo Licenses for demo/testing purposes.
NOTE: Online payment options are available for membership fees. Several payment methods are accepted, including credit card, PO, bank transfer or check.
NOTE: Local taxes will be applicable as per country tax regulations.

How do you join this program?

To join the Citrix Ready Program, follow the three-step process listed below. During this process, you will register for program consideration, complete your product verification and receive approval to be showcased on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

1. Register Online Fill out a short profile and select 'validating and testing your hardware or software solution with Citrix products' as the type of partner relationship you are interested in establishing with Citrix.
2. Test Your Product Test using Verification Test Kits
Download the verification test kits and evaluation licenses for testing/development purposes. Complete and submit verification testing of your product, solution or service.
- OR -
Test using Online Testing
If you’re a new user, email for access to the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab.
3. Get Listed
On approval of your product verification, complete your product and profile pages on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

For questions related to joining the program, program benefits, program updates and renewals, please email

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