Last December I had an experience with an online retailer that forever shaped my framework for customer success. In my pursuit of the perfect gift, I landed on a website that I was vaguely familiar with. Out of desperation — and, of course, free shipping and returns — I opted out of my comfort zone and into the next chapter of Customer Success at Citrix.

Nearly immediately upon purchase, I started receiving what I thought were standard order-confirmation emails. Very quickly, however, I realized that these emails were different. They were personal. They were quirky. They were warm. They were from an actual human being.

Over the course of several weeks I interacted with what I now know to be Customer Success Managers, also known as CSMs. Chris let me know that my order was on the way, Erin confirmed arrival, and, finally, Josh seamlessly handled the logistics of my return.

No matter when the CSM joined my journey, they were well aware of my current and desired future state, and their commitment to my overall experience never wavered.

It didn’t end there. After the order was closed, I was given the opportunity to rate my satisfaction and determine the reward that Josh would receive for his level of service — all with the click of a button. I believe I opted for the $5 Starbucks card over a kudos in the upcoming team meeting. Mind blown.

It was this level of digital, personalized, and — dare I say — humanized customer experience that inspired the development of the Citrix Cloud Success Center.

The Citrix Cloud Success Center was designed by our core team of Cloud Engineers and Architects to ensure the content reflects the path that our very own experts follow every day. This online experience aggregates their knowledge capital into a self-paced, self-service path to cloud — including technical resources each step of the way.

And while I understand your cloud journey may be a tad bit more complicated than my online return, the premise remains the same: the heartbeat of customer success is delivering a world-class experience while accelerating the desired outcome.

To that end, let me take you on a quick tour of my top five features in the latest Citrix Cloud Success Center release:

1 – Trackable Project Timeline

2 – Prerequisite Checklists

3 – Click-by-Click Build Guides

4 – End-User Adoption Kits

5 – All of this (and more!) is packaged within a Success Plan that you can easily share with project stakeholders, with just the click of a button.

I’d love to hear about your experience with the tool or enhancements that we can build into our roadmap. Comment below or email In the meantime, log in and check out the new Citrix Cloud Success Center. We’re waiting for you!

Sara Queen
Sr. Manager, Customer Success