Experience matters! When it comes to delivering your web content and video, user experience counts. With such intense competition for users, experience is often the differentiating factor. Poor experience leads to lost users and lost revenue. While you might invest in the best servers and the fastest data centers, you ultimately must rely on the internet for delivery. But the internet is not a friendly place. It is constantly changing, and with no single point of control, it is effectively a blind spot for application and content delivery. This can severely impact your business.

Real User Monitoring for the Best App and Video Experience

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) is a cloud-based traffic management solution that provides a faster and more reliable application user experience. Citrix ITM collates and analyzes up to 15 billion points a day using Real User Monitoring (RUM) from hundreds of millions of users across 40,000 ISP networks. This continuous data analysis enables it to track the conditions of CDNs, clouds, and networks and ensures users are shielded from service degradations and outages. So, when inquiries are made to Citrix ITM, it will provide details of the best destination CDN, or CDNs, for content retrieval for each individual user at any given time. ITM integrates with your ADC to learn about the health of your servers and applications and uses this data in its decision-making process to guide your users to the most optimal site. With this end-to-end visibility of how your application and videos are received by your customers in real-time, you can design your application delivery strategy to suit your business requirements

You Are Still in Control

The flexible policy engine embedded in Citrix ITM empowers content providers to customize the decision-making algorithm to suit their business needs as they seed their application and video delivery. The CDN usage is tracked to consume your commit and protect you against overtaking. Do you want to allow only your premium users access to a better video quality? Add or remove a CDN on the fly to deliver the content? Or run some A/B tests? Change the rules without stopping the service? Citrix ITM will help you to reach your business requirements.

Better Availability, Performance, and Control

Did you know that video traffic is about 60 percent of all internet traffic? Delivering it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Citrix ITM provides you with better availability, performance, and control for your video delivery. Citrix ITM offers a suite of tools to monitor the Internet performances from the audience and ensure that the video delivery endpoints are reachable. It integrates Video QoS metrics, takes care of your consumption and bandwidth, and gives you all the keys to optimize video delivery by selecting for each end-user request the best endpoint to serve the content. For the end-users, Citrix ITM means reduction of video start time, failure, or rebuffering and seamless switch mid-stream between servers. Citrix ITM already serves billions of online video requests every month for a range of leading broadcasters and online video platforms.

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