I’m Amanda Oakes, Senior Customer Success Manager at Citrix. I have worked with lots of customers to guide them through successful rollouts to ensure end-user adoption. Many admins I work with get so excited and wrapped up in the technical configuration piece of the puzzle that the end-user rollout plan gets pushed to the back burner.

However, this is a crucial step for a successful deployment, and it can end up making everyone’s lives much easier in the long run. Following up on our earlier blog on marketing materials, we will provide additional best practices around using these materials to help your next rollout go as smoothly as possible.

Change is hard, which makes change management practices very important to consider during a rollout. Change management is necessary to both ensure that infrastructure changes are carried out with minimal disruption and to address potential resistance to change. Users should be made aware of how new capabilities can support their existing activities and help them realize new productivity efficiencies.

At Citrix, we know that you only have one shot to introduce this new technology, so we have put together tons of helpful resources in our Cloud Success Center to help you prepare and execute a successful rollout. The Success Center includes everything from building your foundation, creating communication plans, and marketing internally to developing training materials and distributing your content. Take a look at just a few of our best practices from the Success Center:

  • Email Communication: When it comes to any kind of change, you can never over-communicate. Make sure you keep your users informed during each stage of the process, especially during new-employee onboarding. We recommend that you start sending the emails at least three weeks before your launch.
  • Make Onboarding Easy: With our customizable materials, walk end users through the steps they need to take to get started with their new services.
  • Facility Flyers: It’s easy for emails to get lost in overloaded inboxes, so we have designed flyers for you to print and post at popular areas around your office, like break rooms, collaboration spaces, and even hallways and elevators.

By recognizing the importance of your rollout and applying the best practices found in our Cloud Success Center, you can easily avoid common roadblocks associated with implementing a new technology. In addition, be sure to engage with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how we can help you knock your rollout out of the park!

As always, we love getting feedback to help us continuously improve, so please email us at CloudSuccess@citrix.com or leave a comment below!