Last year we introduced the License Usage page for the Citrix Cloud platform. It detailed licensing for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, giving Citrix Cloud customers convenient visibility into the number of licenses they’ve used out of the total they’ve purchased. For the first time, our cloud-service customers could ensure they were getting the most out of their resources as well as plan for future license expansion or extension scenarios.

We know how important it is to have this type of visibility, so we’re excited to announce expanded functionality for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service and the integration of Citrix Endpoint Management service data onto the page.

With the updates, the License Usage page becomes the License & Usage page. Customers can now understand licensing for both services and get monthly and daily active use data points for their environments. Active use is considered a benchmark data point in the SaaS industry because it helps answer the question, “How active is my user base?”

Active Use

Given that it’s one of the more common SaaS industry metrics, we felt it was critical to include Active Use on the License & Usage page. It provides insight into how much your organization has used its Citrix services in the last day (Daily – 24 hours) and over the last month (Monthly – 30 days). The page has been updated to include for customer insights, as detailed below.

Summary Page:

We’ve added monthly and daily Active Use counts, with percentages, on the License & Usage page. The view details the number of active users (and the percentage) over the total license count for a set period of time (monthly or daily).

Detailed Page:

We’ve also included the ability to see data trends. You’ll see monthly Active Use trends over a 12-month period, and daily Active Use trends over a 30-day period. This trending information provides customers insights into what month or days of the month are most active. Customers can plan accordingly to ensure they have right level of support and license counts for the heaviest loads.

Active Use events differ slightly based on the service. For Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, an active use event occurs once a subscriber launches an application or desktop. For the Citrix Endpoint Management service, an active use event occurs when a subscriber enrolls a device. Additionally, the Citrix Endpoint Management service performs a check-in every six to 12 hours to ensure the device is still enrolled with the service. Devices that are online and managed will continue to report active use.

Inclusion of Citrix Endpoint Management Service

Looking forward, you can expect more updates to the License & Usage page to incorporate the broader portfolio of Citrix services. This quarter, we added Citrix Endpoint Management service. It includes Licenses and Active Use metrics similar to the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service.

In addition to existing details and trending information provided on the page, Citrix Endpoint Management customers can see the number of devices (and associated information) each user has enrolled via the service. Both methods will be accessible on the details page of the service. Customers will gain insights to the number of devices being enrolled and be able to validate counts against their company’s expectations. It can help answer the question, “Are all my managed corporate devices enrolled?”

Here’s the best part: All the new features highlighted are live now! Just go to the License & Usage page to check them out. And check out the documentation site to learn more about monitoring license usage for cloud services.

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