Don’t just build a solution – get it adopted.

“So how do I like a new roll out? I like to be told in advance, have some flexibility on when it actually impacts my work. Good communication, effective communication as to why this tool . . . that’s a huge part of a new rollout”.

– Ernest, Marketing Leader, Becton Dickinson Technology

As you begin to create your Citrix Cloud Success Plan with your CSM, one aspect of your Citrix deployment you may not have given much thought to is end-user awareness and adoption. At Citrix, we strive to bring IT admins and end users a streamlined cloud experience. For end users, that starts with simple awareness.

Our Adoption team at Citrix recently conducted an end-user research study. The most consistent finding was that end users felt they were not educated enough on the tools available to them and were not given enough of a reason to believe in their effectiveness.

Your success is our success, so we’ve given you a great start for creating awareness of your new solution with our customizable end-user adoption kits.

These materials will support you in the development of a communication strategy that will interest, excite, and educate your end users. After all, you don’t want anyone to ever feel surprised by change. These resources will enable you to manage change successfully by engaging people early, acclimating them to what’s to come, and empowering them to use Citrix in a way that will power a better way to work long after your launch. You can customize all the materials included in these kits based on your organization’s primary goals and use cases for your Citrix solution. Here are a few quick tips:

  1. When customizing your communications strategy and tactics, consider your company culture and specific use cases.
  2. Try using a mix of communication tactics to inform your end users of the changes ahead (get outside the inbox).
  3. Have your executive champion send the first communication. Your champion should be someone who is widely respected within the organization and whose announcement won’t go unnoticed (you get bonus points for scheduling the first communication for an all-hands meeting).

A carefully crafted end-user adoption strategy should be an integral part of your success plan. Putting in the work upfront can help you gain a faster, more significant return on your investment, and result in engaged and active end users.

Check out our adoption kits to help get your strategy up and running. And we’re always looking for ways to improve, so please provide feedback in the comments below or via email at