Guest post by Marisol Lopez, Sales Director – Americas, UniPrint

A longtime Citrix Ready partner, UniPrint was originally conceived to handle driver compatibility issues and enhance printing workflows within Citrix applications. We have expanded significantly to become the go-to developer of document-workflow optimization, with a particular focus on healthcare, security, and the cloud.

UniPrint Infinity software has always been the best choice to enhance printing virtualization in healthcare Citrix environments.

However, it does much more than that. Throughout the last year, we’ve expanded our product offerings significantly to offer a more well-rounded solution. This is especially true in healthcare IT.

Released in 2018, UniPrint Infinity v10 added major advancements to improve security and user experience. This includes a web-based management portal with powerful tools for IT managers to monitor, control, and manage their printing workflows throughout healthcare organizations both large and small.

Improved security is always top of mind in healthcare environments, particularly with strict privacy measures in place to protect patient data. These procedures often overlook printing, but UniPrint Infinity closes the gap with secure-pull printing technology that both controls printing output while increasing print availability. Rather than slowing down the printing process, UniPrint Infinity enables doctors, nurses, and other staff to print wherever they are simply by tapping their HID or RFID badges on the printer to release documents. Additional security features such as password protection add yet another layer of safety to the sensitive data being printed.

The new web-based admin portal even allows IT managers to set specific permissions for certain users, departments, or devices, giving them full control of printing for their entire organization.

With many hospitals and other organizations moving their operations to the cloud, aging software that is not cloud-enabled can be a major hurdle. UniPrint Infinity is designed to work in any environment, including cloud-based and serverless environments. Print management and cloud services may not sound like they go hand in hand, but with UniPrint it’s simple and easy.

In addition to our powerful Infinity software and ePRINTit technology, merged with Process Fusion Inc. in 2018 and added to its arsenal the powerful CP-1 technology. Regardless of the inbound format of received documents, CP-1 does the heavy lifting, using machine learning and optical character recognition. CP-1 can classify, organize, separate, and extract data while handling duplication and exceptions with ease. It is especially useful with referral management and patient experience.

The addition of CP-1 provides UniPrint customers with an even more comprehensive document-management solution for healthcare providers. Invoicing, faxing, printing, and data security are addressed with solutions that continue to grow and change with the world of IT. The joint solution complements Citrix offerings that deliver a complete mobile workspace, including automated document workflows using Citrix Content Collaboration. Keeping pace with change is UniPrint’s goal, and we are prepared to bring our customers into the Cloud Age with ease.

Learn more about our HIMSS19 activities here. And come by the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion booth 527 to learn more about how we — together with Citrix — can help you embrace the future!