DISCLAIMER 1: If you have been “Dear John-ed” before or if your name is John, please accept my sincere apologies. This post was never meant to hurt feelings.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is a twist on the dear john theme. Be warned.

Dear John,
You will hate to know that I am moving – to a brand new home. It has a great floor plan and a secure and happy neighborhood. I know this is pretty abrupt, but I was pretty lonely and unhappy in the old place. The new place is a bit hard to get to the first time, but once you get a hang of it, you will be fine.
If you really love me, come join me in my new place.
Yours forever,
If you are a CIS user, I have some great news for you. All key CIS features have been moved to Smart Check making it your one-stop-shop for health checks and troubleshooting. You can run periodic health checks on your XenApp & XenDesktop sites and also upload support bundles for all Citrix products — all from one convenient interface.

“Great Floor Plan” – Ease of use and Navigation

Smart Check is a Citrix Cloud service for running periodic health checks on your XenApp & XenDesktop sites. Many CIS customers today run health checks on their XA/XD sites by uploading diagnostics to CIS. Smart Check automates the entire health check process and sends health reports right to your inbox every morning. What’s more, Smart Check does not use heavy diagnostic files for health check. So the process does not stress your servers.
Smart Check is a Citrix Cloud service and available to all CSS Select customers. However, manual upload of support bundles does not require CSS Select. You can continue to upload support bundles as you did earlier. The new interface has been redesigned from the ground up. It is readable and professional. Based on usage analytics, we have stripped out content and controls that were were not adding any value. This has improved the readability and navigability of the UI. You can now upload diagnostic bundles for all Citrix products.
Fig 1 – Uploading and viewing files in Smart Check
Fig 2: Upload dialog in Smart Check

Fig 3: List of Uploads
Fig 4: Alerts and Recommendations
Fig 5: Environment reports

“Secure and Happy Neighborhood” – Security and Delegated Admin

With the CIS features now in Smart Check, you can access all your products and services in one place – Citrix Cloud. Now, if you are a Citrix customers but don’t have a cloud account, no problem. Create a Citrix Cloud account for free and get started with Smart Check. You can also test drive all the other services in Citrix Cloud.
That said, getting started with Citrix Cloud is a little different from CIS. The process has been designed with a security-first goal. To get started with Citrix Cloud, sign up for an account. Once that is done, you will be responsible for adding new admins to the account.


Smart Check is a natural evolution of CIS. In fact, that’s why we introduced the Health Check button last year. With the CIS integration, we are ready to go GA with Smart Check. We plan to remove the Preview label soon. We also plan to retire the CIS website, but we have not decided the date yet. So what are you waiting for? Create a Citrix Cloud account and get started with Smart Check — today!