“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

It’s often said that the best part of travel is coming home (and reveling in the comfort of your own bed). The most important part of travel, though, is how wonderful it is to have the opportunity learn from different cultures.


I have always loved traveling and I hope I can visit more places in the future – places like New Zealand and Egypt, which are both on my bucket list, but I haven’t been able to visit yet, but I can learn about as part of my job here at Citrix. As part of the Customer Engagement team at Citrix, I get and learn from (and hopefully, one day, travel to!) companies from around the world. My jobs allows me to learn the ways our customers are innovating and transforming the lives of their employees; it’s really cool!

Another great thing about my job is connecting users in our Citrix User Group Community (CUGC), so they are able to network, influence, share their knowledge, and learn from others. Last year, the group expanded to more than 15K members and 50+ local user groups.

And you can travel right along with us! Take a look at the different customer stories that we shared from 2016 and make sure to sign up today at myCUGC for community events near you. Let’s turn our biggest ideas into something great!