In the Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 release, the Director Session Details panel is enhanced to display the transport protocol in use for the session. The protocol is displayed as TCP or UDP for the HDX connection type based on the new HDX adaptive transport technology.

Adaptive transport for XenApp and XenDesktop optimizes data transport by applying a new Citrix protocol called Enlightened Data Transport (EDT) in preference to TCP whenever possible. Compared to TCP and UDP, EDT delivers a superior user experience on long-haul WAN and internet connections. EDT dynamically responds to changing network conditions while maintaining high server scalability and efficient use of network capacity. EDT is built on UDP and improves data throughput for all ICA virtual channels. If UDP is not available, adaptive transport automatically reverts to TCP.

Enable adaptive transport using the HDX Adaptive Transport policy setting. The same setting is applicable on both LAN and WAN conditions.

To display the transport protocol being used, Director has introduced a new field labelled, Protocol below the Connection type field in the Session Details section of Client Details page.

  • For HDX Connection type,
    • the Protocol is displayed as UDP, if EDT is used for the HDX connection.
    • the Protocol is displayed as TCP, if TCP is used for the HDX connection.
  • For RDP Connection type and Console Sessions, the Protocol is displayed as n/a.image

Director displays the protocol for sessions launched on machines having Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) 7.13 or later.

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