The world is a vastly different place than it was ten, five, or even two years ago. Thanks to macro-economic and technology shifts, we’re are now faced with two constants: change and scarcity.

The pace of change is increasing and we are now more resource-constrained at every level. Natural resources on the planet. Skilled human resources in our factories, offices, and IT departments. And, most of all, the scarce resource of time in our work and daily lives.

Citrix Synergy 2017 Featured Speakers: Kirill Tatarinov, Citrix President & CEO; Malcolm Gladwell, author; and General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State

At the same time, mega-shifts in how technology is delivered, accessed, and used are creating new markets, empowered constituents, and disruptive business models that are changing how we live and work:

  • Markets are different: A growing middle class is emerging in markets like Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, India, and China. In fact, over the next ten years, 3 billion people in the world will be connected, with the majority coming to the web from the developing world using mobile phones.
  • Customers are different: The sales cycle is dead. Today’s customers are more informed, more connected, and less loyal than ever.
  • The workforce is different (like, totally): For the first time, the global workforce is made up of up to five generations working side-by-side. Millennials are causing companies rethink how they work, share information, collaborate, and embrace new technologies.
  • The way the world interacts is different: The convergence and rapid adoption of Cloud, Mobile, IoT, and Big Data analytics (with artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality on the horizon) is empowering new business models and competitors that are fundamentally shaking the roots of entire industries.

These converging forces are putting new pressures on you to deliver technology reliably and securely. To digitize your business. To enable new digital workspaces that provide the apps and data your employees, teams, and contractors need to be productive anywhere — on any device and across any platform or Cloud. All while ensuring your company’s infrastructure and data are secure, reliable and cost-effective.

This is the future of work.

As business and IT leaders, we have a big decision to make: we can view these changes as threats that must be avoided or protected against. Or we can harness these changes and turn them into opportunities and advantages.

At Citrix Synergy 2017, you’ll be inspired to reimagine the future of work. You’ll come away armed with the tools, technology and know-how to confidently scale your infrastructure, enabling your people to work in new and more productive ways to deliver greater value to the business. 

Throughout the week, you’ll learn how to overcome complexity and bridge the gap between your existing infrastructure and the latest innovations for the workspace of the future, building on digital technologies in cloud, security, apps & data, mobility, data sharing and networking. Topics include:

  • how to use cloud to your advantage with migration paths that eliminate disruption to operations;
  • a new security approach and architecture that can mitigate risk;
  • next-generation networking to modernize your datacenter as you evolve to a multi-cloud environment;
  • and much more.

More than 120 breakouts, interactive sessions, and hands-on training labs and workshops will be jam-packed with demos, joint partner solutions, roadmaps, and sneak peeks into future innovation that you won’t want to miss.

And, you’re sure to be inspired by this year’s keynote line-up:

  • Citrix President and CEO Kirill Tatarinov will set the stage, sharing the vision, strategy and innovation that is powering the workspace of the future.
  • Citrix Senior Vice President of Product PJ Hough will lead us through a technical deep dive into the innovation that powers the workspace of the future, sharing key insights into how IT leaders can harness the power of an integrated portfolio of technology services for secure delivery of apps and data to drive growth, increased productivity and efficiency for your organization.
  • And, world-renowned guest speakers will take the keynote stage for our first-ever Synergy Innovation Super Sessions with General Colin L. Powell and New York Times best-selling author and futurist Malcolm Gladwell.

Say YES to Possibility at Synergy 2017

A new era of digital reinvention begins with the workspace of the future, which is changing how, when and where work happens. To learn more about what it can do for your business, join us at Citrix Synergy from May 23-25 in Orlando, Florida! You can register here: