Virtualization saves time and money, frees up IT resources, and improves productivity. But there’s a problem: you can move everything to the cloud except printers. In certain cases, workers will still need physical papers in hand. At the HIMSS 2017 Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion, our key technology partner will showcase how virtualized printing complements a broader Citrix cloud strategy so you can assess a solution that will work for you.


We are proud to host UniPrint at our pavilion! Here’s what they’d be showcasing at the booth.

  • Provide trouble-free printing for Citrix customers
  • Reduce help desk calls by 75% resulting in improved workflow
  • Eliminate patient privacy breaches through secure, “follow-the-user” printing
  • Meet government regulations

At the Citrix Ready Pavilion, learn:

  • How to enable back-end printing to major EHRs
  • How to achieve fail-safe, location-based printing that enhances organizational workflow and protects patient confidentiality including BYOD printing
  • How a fully redundant setup with load balancing capabilities ensures maximum print uptime
  • Method for accurate and efficient medical label printing on major printer brands
  • Your first step to paperless

We will also be showcasing a key customer story around our joint solution at the Citrix Theater. On Tuesday, Feb 21, please walk up to the Citrix Theater (booth 2623) to hear out how Sunrise Health Region implemented Citrix and UniPrint technologies.

Do check out our microsite to learn more. And, don’t forget to meet us at booth 2914!