For people who love Android smartphones, tablets and other devices, Citrix innovation has taken a powerful leap forward.

As of February 8th, Citrix Receiver for Android 3.11 is now available on Google Play. This Citrix Receiver update introduced a new powerful tool: Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (VCSDK), which enables software developers to write their own customized communication channel on Android platforms.

A Citrix Virtual Channel is a bi-directional connection used for the exchange of generalized packet data between a Citrix host and Citrix Receiver on end-user devices. You will need to create a host side application running on a XenApp or XenDesktop host and a client side portion running on various local devices. Citrix provides client platform support for Win32, Linux and Mac OSX. With Receiver for Android 3.11, you can also program your virtual channel on Android as well.

Citrix VCSDK on Android was built on top Citrix Receiver for Android 3.11. The following figure illustrates how Citrix VCSDK works on a client-server connection:


Citrix Receiver for Android is responsible for de-multiplexing the virtual channel data from the ICA data stream and routing it to the correct processing module (in this case, the virtual driver). It also gathers and sends virtual channel data to the server through the ICA connection.

To get started with new VCSDK on Android, read our SDK documentation here.

As always, we value your feedback and ideas. You can share them in our discussion forum.

Try our latest VCSDK on Android and happy programming!

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