If you’re a fan of sports and twitter, a popular hashtag these days is #NoOffSeason.

It’s frequently used by professionals (especially American football players, as their season just ended) in the offseason of their sport to highlight how they’re training and working hard to improve their game in advance of the next season. The real message is that there is no off season any longer; success in pro sports requires year-round, constant effort.

For the Citrix Smart Tools team, and frankly all Citrix teams, the same could be said — or tweeted — #NoOffSeason.

It’s been just a few short weeks since our successful Citrix Summit event in Anaheim, California and the release of Citrix Smart Tools, including the addition of Smart Check. Thousands of VDAs in customer sites are now taking advantage of proactive health monitoring that helps to ensure uninterrupted operations. After Citrix Summit, the team has kept up the development pace; there’s no off-season for this dedicated group.

As a Citrix Cloud service, Citrix can enhance Smart Tools and deliver new capabilities to users on a more frequent cadence. With that in mind, the team has introduced Smart Scale support for Windows Desktop VDI.  Matching cloud resources with load ensures a great user experience while also optimizing cloud spend (read saving money). As with the previous Smart Scale support, machines can be managed by load, schedule or a combination of the two.

Smart Tools and Smart Check have been well received, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what two of our Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs) had to say recently:

The Smart Tools team knows there are no shortcuts to success and continues to work hard day in, day out embodying the hashtag #NoOffSeason.

As always, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these services at smart.cloud.com. Simply login with your existing Citrix credentials, or easily create your no-fee ID and password to get started.

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