Citrix has partnered with Bitdefender to develop a revolutionary new security architecture that enables greater protection of your XenServer workloads.

Together, XenServer Direct Inspect APIs and Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) offer real-time memory scanning and monitoring for virtual machines, providing unparalleled visibility into targeted threats. Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection is only available with XenServer, making it easier to enhance XenApp and XenDesktop security without sacrificing user experience.

Data breaches cost your company customers and money

Malware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and hackers are actively targeting an organization’s infrastructure. Studies have shown that 89% of breaches had a financial or espionage motive. A 2016 study from IBM concluded that the average security breach cost up to $4 million.

With increased cyberterrorism and government sponsored hacking, multi-layered security solutions are more important than ever.

Rootkits can run, but they can’t hide.

Actually, they hide very well from your traditional antivirus (AV). AV is still necessary to protect your systems, however, there are a few gaps that HVI fills as an additional security layer. AV runs at the same level the hackers are trying to exploit leaving it susceptible to compromise. Rootkits, a specific type of malware, are designed to evade detection from your traditional antivirus agent. AV can only detect previously known exploits, and hackers are specifically writing and testing their malware to bypass detection from the latest virus definitions.

With an evolving threat, additional security layers are required to prevent against zero-day and targeted attacks

Fortify your data center against zero day attacks

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) developed a completely new method to detect attacks. Instead of running inside the OS as an installed agent, Bitdefender HVI runs as a security appliance on XenServer. Whereas traditional antivirus scans files to detect patterns of known exploits, Bitdefender HVI detects attack techniques by analyzing the memory of the guest VMs in real time. By residing outside of the guest OS, Bitdefender HVI remains isolated from attacks, unlike traditional antivirus agents.

Bitdefender HVI can identify zero day attacks because it is looking at techniques instead of known patterns.

Add a new layer of security to the Citrix stack

A majority of data breaches are unknowingly caused by employees’ actions: browsing the internet, opening email attachments, downloading untrusted files, etc. By combining the advanced security policy engine of XenApp and XenDesktop with the newly enhanced XenServer with Bitdefender HVI security architecture, you can add an additional layer of protection without affecting employee productivity. If you are attending the RSA conference next week in San Francisco, come see how Citrix XenServer with Direct Inspect APIs and Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) are revolutionizing the way hypervisor architecture can significantly enhance security against targeted attacks

Adopting the full Citrix Workspace solution, including XenServer and integrating Bitdefender HVI, makes it easier to deliver secure digital workspaces to all employees.


Attending the RSA conference next week in San Francisco? Visit the Citrix at booth #N3534 and Bitdefender at booth #N3841 to learn more about XenServer with Bitdefender HVI

Check out our whitepaper on Secure Browsing with XenServer and Bitdefender HVI and click here to request a demo of Bitdefender HVI.

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