I left Citrix Summit this year with a renewed excitement. I love being a part of a company culture that doesn’t just know how to drive results—but also cares about the greater good. And the greatest good of all? Our partners. Through the conference, one core value was very clear:  it’s not just about winning, but winning together.

That unique dedication to #CitrixPartnerLove is what sets us apart—and why I can’t wait to share new initiatives that show this value in action. Starting with the Net New Bonus Promotion, designed to help our partners achieve our shared goals—and finish 1H stronger than ever.

Last year, we unveiled the Net New Partner Sourced Initiative Program that specifically rewards partners who identify and qualify any new opportunities in any segment, with new prospects—or existing customers. To build on that, we are pleased to announce the Net New Bonus Promotion to specifically help you get rewarded for closing Net New Partner Sourced deals in the coming months!

How it works: Between February 1, 2017, and June 15, 2017, all Citrix Solution Advisors, Systems Integrators, and Independent Software Vendors who identify and qualify new opportunities into the Citrix active sales pipeline—ultimately leading to a closed sale—will be eligible for a Net New Bonus award.

What is a Net New Bonus award? I’m glad you asked! For a limited time, individual sellers who close eligible deals will accrue points that are redeemable for gift cards from tons of major national and international retailers, including Royal Caribbean, Universal Studios, Nike, Sephora, Red Spa, and many, many more.

It adds up fast. You can earn more than one Net New Bonus award for each registered closed deal!

Want in? We knew you would!  Learn more about the Net New Bonus Promotion and how to register by visiting Citrix SalesIQ.

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