Over the past few years, we have seen significant development in Linux kernel, which has made Containers evolve into an Enterprise-grade technology. With the rapid pace at which Docker and other companies in Container space has progressed, Developers and IT operations teams can now have extra control over their environments utilizing the tremendous flexibility and ease of operation Container technology offers.

With this ongoing transition from running applications on traditional Physical/Virtual Machines to running applications by breaking them into smaller footprints packaged in Container technology, IT heads now have to make a choice on the right technologies which will help in this transition.

Citrix recently announced our Award-winning NetScaler ADC in Container form-factor, NetScaler CPX which greatly helps in this transition to Microservices infrastructure.

NetScaler CPX enables customers to leverage Docker engine capabilities and use NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for container-based applications.

At Citrix Ready, we validate 3rd party products compatibility with Citrix products. It helps our customers adopt to new products seamlessly. And give that added confidence to use our verified and compatible solutions.

With the release of NetScaler CPX (NetScaler in Docker Container), we have launched Citrix Ready Container Applications Verification program where we will validate 3rd party Application Containers and other Container solutions (Monitoring solutions, Container Orchestration products etc.) which can use NetScaler CPX for various functionalities, container load balancing being the main focus.

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The prime aim of this program is to build an ecosystem of Containerised Applications and solutions which is compatible with NetScaler CPX for various use cases and deployment scenarios. We’ll also run exclusive Marketing activities with.

To participate, please showcase your product’s interoperability with NetScaler CPX in any of the categories below.


Also, please listen to Mikko Dissini – Director, Product Management, talking to Doug Brown from dabcc.com in this exclusive NetScaler CPX podcast. Plus, more details on the Citrix Ready Container Application program.

About Citrix Ready
At Citrix Ready, we validate the compatibility of products and solutions from 3rd party vendors based on pre-defined test criteria. Upon successful validation, the product is published in Citrix Ready Marketplace. Customers and IT leaders looking for any category of products, be it a optimized cost-effective Thin-Client for their VDI needs, Strong Authentication products to add extra security for logins or even an Infrastructure monitoring solution to implement in their Citrix infrastructure, they can browse through Citrix Ready Marketplace to find solutions which meet their IT needs.
Also, since these products are Citrix Ready verified, it helps them make quick decisions and gives that extra confidence to buy the product.
For more details about the program, please visit  http://citrixreadyprogram.com/2016/cavp/