It’s almost here!

Great news: you’ve registered and are heading to Anaheim, CA, for Citrix Summit, our premier event for Partner.

This year, there is more content than ever to choose from, including:

We know what you’re thinking. How can I possibly absorb all of this information—let alone take what I’ve learned back to team members who didn’t attend?

First Timers—we’ve got you covered.

As those that have been to Summit will tell you: there is way too much content for one person (or even one team) to consume. Our Priority? Give every partner 100% exposure to all of our roadmap planning and best training opportunities, no matter which sessions they can or can’t physically attend.

Winning Together starts with a game plan.

That’s why we’ve designed six essential Summit tips, tools and best practices that will help multiply your eyes and ears on the floor—and help you not only get the most out of your experience but also create a bridge experience for your team.

  1. Build a schedule. Time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s important to decide ahead of time which Summit events fall under Do Not Miss and keep them on your radar. Easily browse the session catalog and identify the type of session and its level of technical complexity, thanks to a new numbering system (100 to 400) and prefixes that include SELLSKLS and TECH. Then, download the Summit Mobile App from your app store to start scheduling in your favorite content and building your day-by-day Summit agenda.
  1. Connect with other Citrites. Where else can you find such a wealth of perspectives, insight and experience under one roof? Take advantage of this incredible access to the entire global ecosystem at networking events—or better yet, across a lunch table. Check out veterans’ advice for first time Citrix Summit attendees.
  1. Take detailed notes on the Win Plan. Built inside the Summit mobile app, the Win Plan tool is an interactive space where attendees can enter thoughts about their customers and potential opportunities during Summit—and receive immediate feedback on the next best steps to take. Win Plan asks specific questions about the opportunities you record, such as What industry is the customer in? What potential products are people thinking about including? We then email prescriptive, customized sales collateral based on your responses.
  1. Follow Twitter. Our Twitter community for Partners and Citrix Service Providers will be actively covering every facet of the event—so you don’t have to. Catch highlights from other sessions you might have missed and stay up to speed on great conversations in real-time as they happen at the event.
  1. Download and share the Summit decks. Missed a session? From the moment Summit kicks off, all of the keynote and session decks will be available on SalesIQ. Recordings will be posted the following week and will remain accessible for the remainder of 2017. After the event, visit SummitToGo where we will be featuring some of our best sessions across three different tracks (sales/technical/soft skills) for anyone looking for that abridged experience to review post-Summit or to send to colleagues.
  1. Use the PowerPoint Template to share your new knowledge with the team back home. Recordings PPTs will be available the moment Summit kicks off, but the recordings Record the sessions you attend and easily input valuable content into PPT presentations to disseminate training and insight with key players who couldn’t attend.

Before you dive into the busy and exciting week ahead, we encourage you to take a moment to add these tools to your arsenal. Everything you need to prepare for your Anaheim experience can be found here.

And if you haven’t registered for Citrix Summit yet, there’s still time to sign up.

We look forward to delivering (and especially helping you retain) new skills, knowledge and relationships that will help jumpstart a successful sales cycle—in 2017 and beyond.

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