Introducing the Library in Citrix Cloud: a new way to show each and every configured offering that was created inside a service. This will improve the end-to-end experience of managing offerings and subscriptions, making the whole process more streamlined and productive.

Previously, Workspaces was the place where all your offerings lived and where you assigned them to Subscribers. You’ll no longer use a workspace to do this; you’ll access everything from a one-level view using the Library.

Administrators will now have complete visibility into all offerings within a single view whether they are Windows applications, web applications, mobile applications, shared folders, or policies. This model has also simplified the subscriber management workflow allowing assignment to single or multiple offerings across services.

Take a peek! You can check out the new Library feature in the video below.

Let’s take a look at some of the functionality of the Library in Citrix Cloud.

View all of your offerings in the Library from this one-level view. Offerings will no longer sit inside of a workspace. They are fully manageable and actionable from this view.

Offerings may consist of your apps, desktops, data shares, and web apps that are created via a Citrix Service within Citrix Cloud.


Offering Details

You’ll be able to still view the details relating to each offering.

View applications, desktops, policies, and any other related offering information by clicking on the View Details button on the offering card.


Managing Subscribers

You can add users or groups to a single offering by clicking “Manage Subscribers” from the dots menu.


Or, if you wanted to bulk manage your subscribers across many offerings in one go, you can select all the offerings you’d like, and then click the ‘Manage Subscribers’ bulk action button.


Once you’ve selected ‘Manage Subscribers,’ you’ll be able to search for users or groups within a chosen domain and assign them to the selected offerings.


The users or groups you add will show up in a list underneath and are automatically connected to the offering.

From here, you can also remove users or groups by either clicking on the trash icon or bulk selecting many in one go.


Once you’ve completed adding or removing subscribers, you can easily see how many subscribers a particular offering has right on the front of the offering card.



We’ve added a couple new features that allow you to filter your offerings.

First, you can quickly view offerings that were created in a particular service, such as the XenApp and XenDesktop Service or the Secure Browser Service.

To go back and see everything, simply select ‘All Types’ from the dropdown menu.


Secondly, we’ve improved our searching mechanism. Search for any user or group that is currently subscribed to an offering within the Library. This filtered view is essentially the end-user’s workspace.

The cards will dynamically adjust depending on your search and selection. For example, if you search for ‘MedicalTeam’ and then select it, you’ll see all offerings that ‘MedicalTeam’ is currently subscribed to.

To go back and see everything, simply cancel the search by clicking the X.


Thanks for taking the time to check out the new Library feature in Citrix Cloud.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love for you to get in touch. You can do this by sending us a message from within the Citrix Cloud console using the feedback section located in the top header bar.

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