Boost your Team’s Productivity with
Citrix Ready Partner Time Doctor

Virtualization is today’s reality. The advent of new technologies has made it possible to work from anywhere, any place and any device. Today’s work force is no longer confined to the office premises. These modern day, dynamic workflows in enterprise work spaces (thanks to advances in distributed team management tools) raise concerns about productivity upkeep for organizations. Integrating time analytics into the work day allows for maximum freedom of location while maintaining high production from all team members.

It’s time to treat time and productivity reporting with the same level of sophistication that financial reporting has enjoyed for more than a decade, whether that time is being tracked locally in the office or remotely. Time Doctor empowers you to do just that!

Citrix Ready and Time Doctor

Virtual Desktop customers have been looking for a solution that provides them with time analytics for their thin clients. Time Doctor has partnered with Citrix Ready to make this deployment possible for our joint customers. Learn more about the Time Doctor and Citrix integration here.

Time Doctor and Citrix can now offer second by second accuracy on deployments from 10s to 10s of thousands of terminals. Time Doctor has been thoroughly tested to work in a Citrix virtual desktop deployment via Citrix XenApp. This allows users to gather all the same valuable metrics from within that virtual desktop as one would expect with a local installation on a client PC. Time Doctor Lite and Time Doctor Pro are both verified with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR.

Introducing Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity tool that will show you both high level and granular data about how much time you and your employees spend on various tasks. With Time Doctor, you’ll see real time data that shows what your users are doing right now along with the total man-hours needed to complete a job. Customers use Time Doctor to monitor the time used by the staff in their company with the same level of accuracy and precision that everyone is accustomed to when tracking financial expenditures. They can then view their time reports as they would a financial expense report, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions to maximize on productivity and optimal time use.

How Time Doctor is Invaluable for Remote Businesses

Joel Gross, the CEO of Coalition Technologies, had a problem. Something was off with one of his most talented developers. Being a remote employee, it was hard for Joel to pinpoint exactly what was wrong.

The Symptoms? The employee was consistently late with his deliverables. There was an increase in the number of errors and bugs in his code. And there was a lack of focus in his priorities.

Once these issues were identified, Joel was able to correct the underlying symptoms. Over the next three months, the employee was able to double his productivity.

Want to know how? Here’s how they did it. The first thing that Joel had his employee do was install Time Doctor on his computer.

Once an employee installs Time Doctor on their desktop, you will be able to see what they are working on at that given moment in time.  This includes the apps and websites that they visit to complete a particular job. Time Doctor can also take screenshots of the employees’ computers while they’re working so you can see what projects they’re working on from your computer.

For remote companies like Coalition technologies, this can be invaluable.  While Joel couldn’t walk over to his developer’s desk to see what he was working on, he was able to watch his employees from afar. Once Joel deployed Time Doctor, he was able to spot a number of red flags:

  • Extended or repeated periods of inactivity which meant the employee was taking long breaks away from the computer
  • Repeated switches between the same pages or browsers indicating a lack of focus
  • Recorded tasks that didn’t coincide with the screenshots that Joel viewed

Quite often, unproductive team members will delude themselves into believing that they can give 75% effort and still get the job done, but the truth is always evident in the results. Once these red flags were nipped in the bud, Joel’s developer was able to double his productivity and now manages a team of developers and is responsible for streamlining web development processes.

Even though Time Doctor has a desktop application, Citrix enables all updates and data storage to be done at the server level, not on the individual’s laptop or workstation.  This makes it easier for managers within the enterprise to measure their employees’ productivity.

Get insights into exactly what is going on with your business, or use Time Doctor for your own personal productivity. Time Doctor software helps you get your life back by tracking where time is really spent. Read about Time Doctor on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

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