We are happy to announce Deltek Accumen is now Citrix Ready!

Deltek provides the tools to deliver projects successfully under the triple constraint of cost, time and scope. Acumen is the solution for informed project selection, realistic planning, reliable execution and consistent project success. Deltek Acumen has been verified as Citrix Ready with XenApp 7.8 and listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Deltek Acumen consists of Acumen Fuse, Acumen 360 and Acumen Risk modules.

Acumen Fuse

With the advanced analytics of Acumen Fuse, metric options can be saved for duplicating  to standardize your processes and gets everyone sharing project information in real time.

Acumen Fuse delivers competitive advantages, like

  • Software seamlessly integrates to import numerous types of project data for immediate analysis
  • Fuse customers report time-savings over manual processes
  • Required and/or recommended agency oversight standards are built in
  • Fuse offers unrivaled reporting flexibility, tailored to fit your audience and information

Acumen 360

Acumen 360 is an interactive engine that allows you to quickly evaluate multiple scenarios in any area of a schedule. You can generate reliable schedule scenarios, identify opportunities to accelerate a project, and select the best path to completing it. User-controlled inputs are also included to ensure that acceleration is possible and the completion deadline is realistic. And when you Integrate 360 with your native scheduling tool, any newly created scenarios are exported and ready to use.

Acumen Risk

Acumen Risk allows you to analyze thousands of activities in seconds while accounting for scope uncertainty, work complexity, risk events, weather events and opportunities. Acumen Risk is user friendly eliminating the statistical and logical complexities of building risk models against large project schedules.

Acumen solutions allow you to improve program efficiency, project planning and resource management.

  • Ensure schedule quality
  • Increase project confidence
  • Consistently achieve successful on-time completion
  • Create true team consensus and buy-in

Download the Deltek Acumen Solutions guide to learn how to diagnose and resolve schedule shortcomings with Deltek Acumen Fuse, accelerate time frames and recover delays with Deltek Acumen 360, and identify and reduce cost and schedule risk exposure with Deltek Acumen Risk.

About the Citrix Ready Program:
Citrix Ready identifies recommended solutions that are trusted to enhance the Citrix Delivery Center infrastructure. All products featured in Citrix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. Leveraging its industry leading alliances and partner eco-system, Citrix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Citrix Ready not only demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, but through continued industry relationships also ensures future interoperability. Explore the Citrix Ready Marketplace.