Throughout our history, Citrix has been a leader in delivering the best secure app delivery user experience available, a key reason customers choose our products and services. That commitment to provide the best experience possible continues with the acquisition of Norskale, a privately held user environment management (UEM) company.

Norskale has an industry-proven record of optimizing workspace performance, accelerating application delivery and enhancing environment scalability throughout European, Asia-Pacific and Americas markets by providing a full featured workspace and user environment management solution. With more than 100 customers worldwide and enterprise deployments reaching up to 80,000 seats, Norskale brings a tremendous amount of performance and scalability value to our market-leading XenApp and XenDesktop application and desktop virtualization solutions.

The concept of user environment management is not foreign to Citrix; in fact, we were the first to include built-in profile management capabilities back in 2008. Our user profile management (UPM) technology has been enhanced over time to provide a robust profile optimization service that enabled IT to maintain a single user profile that followed the user as the user roamed between physical and virtual devices. It was also enhanced to prevent profile bloat which was a common cause of extensive logon times as more user preferences and information became stored in the profile elongating the logon configuration process.

But the user profile is just a piece of the overall user environment. To optimize the workspace environment, you need a management solution that dynamically assembles a virtual workspace based on the ideal combination of user profiles, personalization, application settings, system policies, and system resource consumption. The Norskale workspace environment management solution complements our existing profile management technology to deliver the best possible workspace performance, desktop logon and application response times for a truly dynamic virtual workspace for every user. 

Unlike other user environment management (UEM) solutions, Norskale has a holistic view of the workspace that includes the user, application, desktop and underlying system resources. Norskale leverages patent-pending machine-learning technology to monitor and analyze user and application behavior in real-time. Only Norskale has the ability to intelligently adjust the way applications utilize systems resources such as RAM, CPU and Input/Output (I/O) to optimize resource allocation across all users. This algorithm intelligence, now unique to Citrix, ensures that each user has the necessary resources to be productive while conserving overall resource allocation in a way that instantly increases server scalability by up to 70 percent, dramatically increasing your ROI.

The Norskale solution, which will now be referenced in XenApp and XenDesktop as Workspace Environment Manager, has a proven track record of customer success. Leroy Merlin, a major European and French retailer with 120 mega stores and more than 21,000 employees, realized significant performance and scalability improvements by integrating the Norksale solution. Leroy Merlin was able to accelerate user login times by up to 80 percent.  Given the simplicity of installation and enhanced user productivity, the Norskale solution was able to deliver an instant return on investment.

This acquisition is one more way Citrix is delivering on our commitment to bring the best possible user experience and delivery performance to you, our dedicated XenApp and XenDesktop customers. The new Workspace Environment Manager, based on the Norskale solution, will be available to all XenApp and XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum edition customers with active Software Maintenance.

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