Despite the tidal wave of migrations to The Cloud, the database of choice by today’s business user is still Microsoft Access.

Microsoft democratized the database with the introduction of Access, which made it easy for a business analyst to create databases on their own desktop. It requires no IT intervention or setup. Before “The Cloud” or shadow IT was a thing, business users leveraged Microsoft Access to set up their own “apps” to be used either by themselves or in collaboration with a group inside their company.

But, collaborating on a Microsoft Access database can be quite cumbersome. There are many ways to do it; without a lot of technical knowledge most users would end up emailing the large file, hosting it on a SharePoint site, or manually changing the data after getting it back in Excel. None were appealing options, especially when IT would rarely support you.

Instantly Transform Microsoft Access Into a HTML5 Web App

Citrix is introducing Citrix Launch for Microsoft Access. And it’s available now within Workspace Cloud Labs, where we will be piloting the service. Just like the Secure Browser service, once you have logged into Workspace Cloud and navigated to “Labs” it is very simple to get started in 3 simple steps.

  • Upload your Microsoft Access database
  • Give it a name
  • Distribute the short URL


You will still create the database, reports, and forms offline. But once you have those all set up, you upload your database and in just a few minutes, you have a secure web app that presents your Microsoft Access reports and forms in most modern HTML5-compliant browsers.


And only administrators to the Workspace Cloud service have the capability to download the database. As you can see in this screenshot, we have eliminated the viewer’s ability to download the database.


As part of our commitment to delivering secure apps, desktops and data to any device, we hope you find this new Workspace Cloud service useful. We look forward to your use and feedback!

If you don’t have your free Workspace Cloud account already, sign up for it and try Citrix Launch for Microsoft Access in Labs today!

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