Receiver for HTML5 is a clientless Receiver that runs inside a browser. Applications running on one XenApp server open in the same browser tab on the endpoint. To easily switch between the applications in a browser tab, you just need to use the app switcher.

The App Switcher for the client side is introduced in HTML5 receiver 2.0. Till now, it had to be installed on the VDA using a separate package that installed the app switcher exe file. The installed VDA app switcher uses a processor-intensive enumeration to identify the list of running applications in the session.

HTML5 receiver 2.0 bundles this feature within the HTML5 receiver. The app switcher doesn’t need to be installed as a separate executable on the VDA. The new app switcher is completely implemented on the client side, which reduces the load on the VDA. Previously installed VDA app switchers should be removed to leverage the new client side app switcher.

Client side app switcher runs in two modes:

  1. Taskbar mode
  2. Grid-view mode

Both of these are enabled by default.

Taskbar mode

This mode is optimised for sessions running on desktops. For applications launched from same the VDA, the taskbar facilitates easy navigation between the apps.


The taskbar displays all the applications currently running in the session, enabling users to switch between these applications.

In right click menu of the app switcher, users have two preference options. These preferences are remembered for the next launch.

  1. Auto hide: App switcher will hide automatically once the user is not using it and will appear back once the user brings the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen.
  2. Show icons only: Only icons are shown as part of an application and its title will be hidden.


Grid-view mode

This mode is optimised for sessions running on mobile or touch devices. To bring the grid into view, touch/click on the ‘Switch apps’ button in toolbar.


Grid-view lists applications launched from the same VDA, which will help users on mobiles have a clear and bigger view instead of the regular taskbar.


Here, there is also an option to enable or disable the app switcher taskbar, to increase or decrease the view port.


Hope you enjoy the new experience of app switching with Receiver for HTML5 2.0! Please share your feedback with us.

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