This is a newer version of a customization I wrote about last year. This version will work with StoreFront 3.0 and up. (Previous version StoreFront 3.0 Message Customization)

The purpose of this is to add a scrolling banner to the top of the StoreFront web/Desktop Receiver for displaying messages to the end users.



Edit single or multiple StoreFront server Style.css for custom message

Change background color, text color and sizes

Enable/disable message


If you have configured this before you can just use the new executable for the GUI.

If you are configuring this for the first time, you can run the “SF_Messaging.ps1” script to make the code changes to the Receiver.html file or follow the instructions below to do it manual. This will need to be done to each StoreFront server.

Replace the following in Receiver.html (If this hasn’t been done already)

<div id=”pluginTop”><div id=”customTop”></div></div>


<div id=”pluginTop”><div id=”customTop”><div class=”StoreMarquee”><span></span></div></div></div>

To create a message just run the StoreFront Messaging executable, select the Style.css from the “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<StoreWebName>\custom” directory and adjust the options in the GUI as needed then apply.

To publish to multiple StoreFront servers
Create a file called “Publish.txt” in the same directory as the StoreFront Messaging executable.
Add a path with no quotes to each line as needed like below.
Publish button will be disabled if Publish.txt is not found and/or if apply wasn’t performed first.


Script and executable download

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