Have you ever taken a Citrix exam? If you have then you’ve walked out of the test center with a score report. But what do you do with that score report once you leave? Do you throw it away? Do you put it in a drawer and forget about it? Or do you use it to help you fine-tune your skills?

It may look like a bunch of random and possibly useless information, but every piece of information on a Citrix score report was added to enhance your testing experience.

Wait, what? Yes, you heard right, all that information was intended to help you better understand exactly which areas you rock in and in which areas you might need to do a little more studying.

“Okay great, but how do I use that information to help me?” I’m glad you asked. Let me show you.

If you want to know those topics in which you missed at least one question (and I’m sure you do!), you can find them listed under each section title. (See the image below.) The numbers in the red circles are the topics or objectives where at least one question was missed.


Now that you have the topic or objective number(s), use the QR code in the top left corner of the score report (circled in the image below) to access the prep guide for that exam.

Once in the prep guide, go to the Sections, Objectives, Examples and References section. There you will find the objective numbers along with the specific topic that objective is based on, examples of what to expect on the exam regarding that objective, and (my favorite part) direct links to the materials that were used to write the questions on the exam related to that objective.


Another way to access the prep guide is by typing the direct link into your web browser. See the image below to locate the direct link on your score report.


And lastly, we’ve added the exact date you can retake the exam in case you didn’t pass or you need a higher score. That way you don’t have to worry about breaking any of the rules. See the retake date in the red circle in the image below.


Now go pull out those score reports you thought were useless and check out which topics you should study a little more. And use those prep guide links to do it!

Then spread the word to everyone you know that those numbers on the score reports aren’t printer gibberish, but the secret to understanding exactly how you did on that exam.