Tune Up

The XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6 Migration Tool consists of a series of easy to use PowerShell Scripts

These export Farm and Policy data from XenApp 6.5 to XML files. These XML files are then imported via script into an existing XenDesktop 7.6 site. The scripts are available from the XenApp 7.6 product download page, you will have to login with an appropriate Login ID in order to access the Product Software page: http://www.citrix.com/downloads/xenapp.html

Using the scripts is straightforward and Citrix eDocs provides detailed instructions:  http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp-xendesktop-76/xad-xamigrate.html  

Once you have the exported the XML files you can do selective imports by adding the –MatchFolder  or –NotMatchFolder modifiers. For example, your XenApp 6.5 farm has an application folder named EMEA that contains the following folders: Sales, IT Support and Accounting. You can use the following command to import the applications from the Sales and Accounting folders, but skipping the IT Support folder:

<strong>Import-XAFarm –XmlInputFile myFarmFile.xml</strong>
<strong> –MatchFolder "Applications/EMEA" –NotMatchFolder "Applications/EMEA/IT Support"</strong>

Additionally, you could instead specify just the Sales and Accounting folders for import, skipping all others with the following command:
<strong>Import-XAFarm –XmlInputFile myFarmFile.xml</strong>
<strong> –MatchFolder "Applications/EMEA/(Sales|Accounting)"</strong>

Finally, you could use the –NotMatchFolder modifier alone to import everything but the IT support folder:
<strong>Import-XAFarm –XmlInputFile myFarmFile.xml</strong>
<strong> –NotMatchFolder "Applications/EMEA/IT Support"</strong>

Don’t forget that you can practice using these modifiers by adding –Preview to the end of the command. This allows you to see the results of the import script without actually importing objects into your site.