Today’s blog post is written by Liz Alves, Citrix director of global employee communications. Liz has spent 15 years in communications and has a passion for connecting the dots. Today she writes about common interview questions and the meanings behind them.

You found the job. You applied online. Your experience excited recruiters and managers. It’s time for the interview. I want you to begin the interview feeling prepared and end it feeling great. Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, you need to have the skills to do the job. You also need to show you have what it takes to succeed at Citrix. There are nine behaviors (or “competencies” if you’d like to use the most accurate term) that Citrix looks for in job candidates.

They’re not a secret, and I’ll share them all with you soon. But first, let’s explore some interview questions and what the interviewer is looking for in your answers.

Question 1: Describe a time when you were most effective at encouraging a person/group to think creatively. Were there any challenges with this person or group? If so, describe them and how you overcame them.

We want to know: How innovative are you? How easy is it for you to break from standard assumptions and routines to do something new and powerful? Can you help other people see your vision? Plenty of people say they’re innovative and creative, but how have you shown that you are? Will you be able to challenge the ways things are and imagine how they could be better? We hope so.

Question 2: Tell me about a time when your work was influenced by an internal or external customer’s need. How was your work influenced by the request, and what was the final product?

We want to know: Instead of focusing on what you want to build, sell, or do, are you able to understand what will most help your customers? Have you created exceptional customer experiences in past jobs? How well do you approach your work with a customer focus? Can you change direction in response to customer needs? When you empathize with the customer and create exceptional experiences for them, we call that design driven.

Question 3: Tell me about a time you had to change your point of view or your plans because of new information or changing priorities.

We want to know: Can you be flexible and adaptable? Can you spot the opportunities that come with change and use them? Can you challenge your own thinking? Can you integrate new information and pivot in response? Have you demonstrated that you can embrace change and seize the opportunities it brings? Change can be scary, but at a technology company, it’s also exciting. It’s what helps us grow and find new solutions for our customers. It’s about leading change.

And now, here are the behaviors we look for:

  • Innovative
  • Business minded
  • Design driven
  • Determined
  • Accountable
  • Collaborative
  • Leading change
  • Inspiring others
  • Building talent

Remember: You’re getting an interview because you have already impressed some people. So use the interview to share your experiences, tell some stories, and learn about Citrix.

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