Please note that this is now configurable by either editing web.config or running a PowerShell command.

One of the frequently asked questions for Receiver for Web is multiple launch prevention. This is supported in Receiver for Web. When you click on an application or desktop icon to launch it, a spinner is displayed and any clicks on the same icon are ignored while the spinner is spinning. Hence user cannot unintentionally launch multiple instances of the same application/desktop. Out of the box, the time period for the spinner is fixed for three seconds.

In StoreFront 2.5, this can be modified by a simple customization. Just insert the following code snippet into custom.script.js in the contrib folder under the Receiver for Web site:

$(document).ready(function() {
     CTXS.Resources.multiClickTimeout = 10;

This code snippet changes the duration to 10 seconds. You should alter the number according to your requirement.