Receiver for Windows 4.0What’s new? A lot! Receiver for Windows 4.0 released today on and included with XenDesktop 7.0 and XenApp 6.5 FP2 ! It is our universal client for use on Windows in Desktop mode.  It can be used on desktops, ultrabooks, notebooks, or tablets for self-service access to Windows apps and desktops with Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop as well as Web and SaaS applications with Citrix XenMobile (formally known as CloudGateway.

Users can access apps through stores managed by StoreFront, XenMobile, App Controller, VDI in a box, or legacy web pages managed by Web Interface.

What’s new?

  • Support for XenDesktop 7 – This version supports the many enhancements provided by XenDesktop 7, including Windows Media client-side content fetching, multicast, client folder redirection, Local App Access, and IPv6 connections.
  • Support for StoreFront 2.0 – This version also supports the many enhancements provided by StoreFront 2.0, including  most notably smart card authentication.Receiver now enables smart card auth without the need for a browser.  Includes support for pass-through authentication, bimodal authentication, multiple certificates, and support for digitally signing or document encryption.
  • User experience improvements – Receiver now displays a notification when installation of an update completes and  dims apps when the connection to the server is lost.
  • H.264 decoding – When used with XenDesktop 7, Receiver provides improved performance for rich and professional graphics apps on WAN networks.
  • HDX Insight support – NetScaler Insight Center provides a 360-degree view deep into the network traffic for virtual desktop traffic with HDX Insight and web applications with Web Insight. Allows XenDesktop administrators to check performance metrics related to the health of this component.
  • Lync VDI Plug-in for Windows (2013) – The Lync VDI Plug-in allows the use of local audio and video devices with the Lync 2013 client running on the virtual machine.  The interface to Microsoft’s Lync VDI Plug-in is built into Receiver for Windows and works with XenDesktop 7 and XenApp 6.x.
  • Cisco Virtualization Media Engine (VXME) – Cisco VXME Cisco VXME extends the Cisco Jabber collaboration experience to virtualized environments by facilitating real-time voice and video traffic processing on the local devices.

What’s changed?

ShareFile Integration – We have improved ease of use by removing the ShareFile docs tab. ShareFile is now provided by a separate ShareFile Sync for Windows client which provides a more native and feature rich users experiences.

COM port and LPT port mapping change – In XenDesktop 7 deployments, COM port and LPT port mapping are disabled by default. You can use the port redirection policies to enable mapping.

Let us know how these new features work for you.

Dave Coleman
Director of Product Management