My mother cannot understand what my day to day work is like, but I could see her say I know “AAA” – its the company that tows my car if I am stuck on the road or the company that handles my insurance!  🙂 But in NetScaler technology term, this AAA feature is about allowing NetScaler to manage access controls vs. an admin managing controls of access separately for each app.  By having NetScaler do the control, it also allows to use same controls across all different apps within same domain with same appliance.  NetScaler AAA supports authentication, authorization, and auditing for all app traffic that is going through NetScaler.  See below diagram from NetScaler eDocs that I find really helpful on how AAA works – authentication process traffic flow – kudos to the docs team!

This feature has been around with NetScaler since 9.x release and has enhanced tremendously since initial release.  One to note in NetScaler 10, in addition to the SAML blog previously, is about AAA-TM (Traffic Management) logout feature.  For customers with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint SAP, Web Interface, it is about not having to do rewrite policy to logout of the sessions, this AAA-TM logout feature will make easier for the admins.  See KB article CTXS133537 to provide more details on this new enhancement and how to configure this capability.