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Learn about extraordinary stories of teams that have made the shift to working remotely

June 29th
EPISODE 7: The Future of Remote Work

Let’s be honest: coping and adapting to the sudden shift to remote work has been a big challenge.  But one thing is for sure, remote work is here to stay. People are now dividing their time between office and home, or going fully remote. Where do we go from here? In this episode, three experts will guide you into the future of work.

June 22nd
EPISODE 6: The show must go on

Lights, camera, living room.... host Melanie Green takes a look at the new remote work realities in the world of media. Hear from news reporters, TV producers, and animators on how the media industry has adjusted to the world of working remote.

June 17th
EPISODE 5: The 49ers gain a home-field advantage

The NFL season is just around the corner and like all of us, the San Francisco 49ers have been working remotely and finding ways to prepare both on and off the field. Hear from ace defensive lineman Arik Armstead and Hannah Gordon, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel on how they’ve embraced this remote world, and how it’s nothing like they have ever experienced in the football.

June 10th
EPISODE 4: Connected Learning

From sounding out the alphabet to finishing college, from education evangelists to systems specialists, learn all about the world of remote learning. Experts weigh in on where we go from here to support successful remote and online learning at all levels of education.

June 3rd
EPISODE 3: Illinois Goes Big and Goes Home

Imagine it's your job is to oversee everything to do with technology in your workplace. One day, a call comes in that changes your life: your entire organization - thousands of employees - will be working from home. ASAP. Here is how the State of Illinois managed to transition their workforce to fully remote in a matter of days.

May 27th
EPISODE 2: Keeping your Team in Tune

An orchestra can be seen as the ultimate team. Every member is integral to the whole; every individual must be in tune with the larger group. When the pandemic hit, many of us took home our notepads, monitors, and office coffee mug. Orchestras had to learn to work remotely too. Concert halls closed and musicians went home with their violins, flutes, cellos, and bassoons. In the second episode of Remote Works, we'll visit the Colorado Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra to explore how technology has enabled remote work for even the tightest of teams.

May 20th
EPISODE 1: The Remote Work Frontier

Whether it's an apartment in Shanghai or a cottage in a small English town, people are moving out of the office and into workspaces that are full of pots, pans, pets, kids, spouses and noisy neighbors. In the premiere episode of Remote Works, we visit two home office rookies in China and the UK as they grapple with the shift to remote working. Amanda Carroll, Managing Direct & Principal at architecture and design firm Gensler, talks about how our new remote workplace might change the way we work forever. Arjun Kaicker, head of Insights and Analytics at Zaha Hadid Architects in London, explores the way offices have evolved pre-pandemic and how they will have to change now.

May 18th
TRAILER: Introducing Remote Works

Working at home? You're not alone. Whether you're an orchestra, state government, or NFL football team, every single person, company, and industry has had to rethink how and where they do business. Remote Works looks at the big picture and the small details of working at home. We talk to employees and leaders who are adapting and thriving in this new remote work landscape. Experts explore work-at-home successes and obstacles. The brave new office is now at home. These conversations and stories will help keep you and your team united while you're working remotely.

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